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Aspiring Heroes Youth  Program

Heroes of New Orleans is striving to continuously manifest and create in our city next generational exceptional model leaders and decrease juvenile delinquency with hopes of deterring crime. Aspiring Heroes Youth would be equipped and deemed a Hero because of the sustainable amount of work they put in, advancements and hands-on experience they earned, mentorship they received, and knowledge they’ve gained to go and do great things. Heroes of New Orleans envision a community where we are continuously developing future Heroes, equipping youth & families, and collectively working together as a community to ensure the safeness and well-being of one another. We believe if we provide a resourceful eventful safe haven possibility of juvenile delinquency, crime, instability, unemployment, lack of support would decrease and reassuring education would elevate. Over the course of 5 weeks, 4 hours a day, and 20 hours a week. Aspiring Heroes will be shifting the narrative around juveniles, striving towards transformation, creating opportunities, and developing a generational pathway. 



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