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Join our community for a brighter future.

Do you enjoy engaging with a rich, lively community while gaining valuable life skills and networking opportunities? Consider becoming a member of Heroes of New Orleans. Membership is for everyone, whether you'd like to get involved for yourself or for your child.

Membership consists of four levels: Student (free!), Adult, Committee, and Board Member. All members receive many benefits, including:

  • Personal invitations to all social events

  • Member discounts for certain events

  • Opportunities for professional development, career training, leadership roles, and community outreach

  • HONO Gear (shirts, wristbands, tote bags, etc.)

  • Study aids and school assistance

  • Newsletter subscription

  • Service opportunities

  • Seminars and conferences

  • Support group meetings

  • Field trips

  • HONO ID card

  • HONO annual report

Are you convinced? Join today or contact us for more information!

Ready to Join?

To become a member of HONO, please complete the application form and make a payment. Membership fees are:​

Board Member            Please contact us for more information
Committee Member   $10/month or $50/two (2) payments
Adult Member             $5/month or $25/two (2) payments
Student Member (Free)


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