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In collaborating with Heroes of New Orleans (HONO), we seek to engage new members that assist with building on our existing outreach activities.


The mission of Heroes of New Orleans is threefold:


1. To engage youth in various programs and activities while allowing them to interact with the everyday “heroes” in our community including business leaders, motivational speakers, celebrities, political figures, and concerned citizens that are compassionate about youth success.

2. To empower youth, families, and senior citizens through proper mentorship, support programs, and community-building activities to encourage positive social redevelopment of neighborhoods.


3. To provide a rich array of services within a community-based system of care that will enable children and adolescents to achieve positive outcomes.

Membership Benefits Include:


Member Discounts to Certain Events


Personal Invitation to All Social Events




Opportunities for Professional Development, Career Training, Leadership Roles, Community




Heroes of New Orleans Gear (tote bags, wristbands, shirts, etc.)


Field Trips


Study Aids and Assistance


Seminars and Conferences


Support Group Meetings


ID Card


Notifications of Events and Services

Annual Report


To become a member of HONO, please complete the application form and make a payment. Membership fees are:​

Board Member*
Committee Member   $10/month or $50/two (2) payments
Adult Member             $5/month or $25/two (2) payments
Student Member (Free)

* Undisclosed Information