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Our Plans for Growth

To date, we have limited our efforts to the Algiers community of New Orleans.  Our Algiers campus lies within the 70114 zip code, which ranks among the lowest income neighborhoods in America, with one of the highest childhood poverty rates in the United States.  

______ is a grade school teacher at ______ School in Algiers -- short video (HONO is a beacon of hope to my students)

______ is a police officer stationed at the Algiers Police Station -- short video (HONO is moving the needle on adolescent crime in our district)



Over the next three years, we plan to bring our mentorship programs to the remaining impoverished sections of our city.  We will be recruiting and training mentors, raising funds to create additional safe and welcoming campuses in the poorer neighborhoods across the city.  Our academic partners, who bring their own funding to this mission, will complement all of our efforts by measuring our impact on children and their families.   These academic findings will inform our work, as together we seek to lower the heavy burden of stress that otherwise leads youth to make bad, and sometimes tragic, decisions with their lives.  

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