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Police Officer First Encounter Program for Youth and Family

Building trust is the first step in bridging the gap between our youth and the police department. First Encounter Engagement Program will be a community event focused on teaching life skills, effective communication, increasing confidence, and developing critical thinking tools to assist with daily life tasks.


Heroes of New Orleans & New Orleans Police Department is committed to “Community Oriented Policing” by engaging each neighborhood and community organization in a collaborative problem-solving partnership. Police Officers from each district will develop a mentoring relationship with each participant in the First Encounter Engagement Program to foster a greater connection to the youth within their district. Through the skills officers and community members are teaching the youth, increasing relationship-building opportunities with police officers and community members decreases the rate of crime, juvenile detention population, and truancy. Each participant who completes the First Encounter Engagement Program will leave with a certified membership card. The membership card provides the youth with a mentor contact for the NOPD and Heroes of New Orleans which can aid as a resource during a time of need.


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